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New Customer Services

Brow Lamination (Includes Wax)


 If you’re looking for fuller and fluffier brows, a Brow Lamination is the service for you! This is a gentle, hair safe treatment that allows your brows to be manipulated into a new shape. When giving them more flexibility, they can be moved to cover gaps and create feathery brows simultaneously. This bi-monthly service cannot be done any sooner than 6 weeks in between treatments to maintain the integrity of your brows. This service also includes a wax.

Brow Lamination + Tint


Pair with a natural tint to add extra fullness and a more desirable color to emphasize the results of a Brow Lamination.

Baby Lamination


Baby Brow Lamination is the perfect service for those desiring a symmetrical & manicured shape but don't want to commit to the fluffy brow! Lifting results of a Brow Lamination but with a more natural outcome. Using our gentle, hair safe solutions, we're laminating brows in an entirely new way!

Baby Lamination + Tint


Perfectly pair with our wide range of beautiful tint shades to fill in any gaps and color fine hairs to create a fuller looking brow.

Prices are subject to change by stylist's skill level.



Brow Lamination 
Post Appointment Instructions

  • DO NOT get wet for the first 48 hours after your service. 

  • Avoid makeup around brows for 48 hours after treatment.

  • No Retin-A or Exfoliating for 72 hours before or after treatment.

  • Brow Oil MUST be applied daily.

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