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Start off with a set that matches your personality. 

New Customer Services



Audrey Set

$165 / 40 lashes per eye

Looking for a little boost but not wanting the world to know you're wearing lash extensions? This light set is similar to wearing one coat of mascara. If you're looking for some length and subtle volume this set is for you. 

Farrah Set

$245 / 65 lashes per eye

This every day set provides a soft and natural look. 65 lashes per eye gives a wispy, medium coverage set.

Goldie Set

$295 / 90 lashes per eye

This set is for those who love a dark full lash line. 90 lashes per eye can be customized by length and curl to be a dramatic or natural full coverage set.

Marilyn Set

$345 / 115 lashes per eye

This set is thick and dramatic, great for lash lovers and special occasions. 115 lashes per eye makes a statement.

Prices are subject to change by stylist's skill level.

Come in every few weeks to maintain your lashes with a touch up.

Touch Up Services



Regular Touch Up

Starting at $125 / 40 lashes per eye

A standard touch up for a regular two to three week fill. 

*For best results a regular touch up is recommended every two to three weeks.

Extended Touch Up

Starting at $180 / 60 lashes per eye

This touch up is for clients who prefer fuller lashes or have gone through a heavy shedding cycle.

Max Touch Up

Starting at $255 / 80 lashes per eye

This touch up is a full coverage fill for clients that have lost almost all of their lashes or have waited too long in between touch ups and need to get back to a dramatic full set.

Express Touch Up

Starting at $90 / 20 lashes per eye

A quick touch up for missing lashes in between fills. 20 lashes per eye will cover gaps, missing inside corners, or outside corners. Suggested time between touch ups - 1 week.

Lash Rehab

Starting at $205 (New Client Touch Up)

This touch up is for clients that have existing extensions from another salon. Since the process of applying lashes to another artist's work is more difficult, we allow more time for any corrections that may be needed. For extensions that are damaging and improperly applied, a complete removal and new set may be necessary.

Bottom Lashes


Removal Appointment

Starting at $85



Pre Appointment Instructions

  • If you have an allergy to Latex, please call in to book your appointment. You will need to​ schedule a free skin patch test to check for signs of a possible reaction prior to application.

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork.

  • Avoid caffeine, it can cause your eyes to flutter which can make applying lashes difficult for​ your stylist.

  • Make sure your eye area is completely clean; free of makeup, lotions, and any other face​ products.

  • Upon booking we ask for a credit card to be placed on file to complete your appointment​ request. Without this information we cannot hold your appointment for you. Your credit card​ is only needed to protect our cancellation policy.

Post Appointment Instructions

  • Do not wet your lashes after your service on the day of your appointment.

  • Always avoid all products containing oil, i.e. Lotions, Cleansers, Makeup Removers, Eye ​Creams.

  • Wash your lashes every night (skipping the day of application) with lash safe wash, facial ​soaps are too abrasive and dry out your lashes. Washes will be available to purchase after you​r ​appointment.

  • Do not brush extensions when wet. Use your disposable mascara wand to brush your lashes daily.

  • No rubbing, picking or pulling your lashes, this can damage your natural lash line.

  • It is preferable to sleep on your back or if you do sleep on your side, make sure your eye area does not come into contact with your pillow.

  • Please schedule lash appointments before you leave our salon, as our schedule fills up quickly and we cannot guarantee an appointment without a few weeks notice.

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