Start off with a set that matches your personality. 




Audrey Set

$150 / 40 lashes per eye

Looking for a little boost but not wanting the world to know you're wearing lash extensions? This light set is similar to wearing one coat of mascara.  If you're looking for some length and subtle volume this set is for you.    

Farrah Set

$250 / 65 lashes per eye

This every day set adds length and thickness to your lash line while still leaning towards the conservative side. These elegant lashes will create an eye opening effect, a perfect enhancement for the natural beauty queens out there.

Goldie Set

$350 / 90 lashes per eye

For the leading ladies that like to make a statement.  This is our most popular set.  These thick lashes are a must have for all glam lash lovers.  If you've been dreaming of full, voluminous and dramatic lashes, this set is the perfect choice.  This set eliminates mascara and gives you so much more.

Marilyn Set

$450 / 115 lashes per eye

This grandeur set is as luxe and lashey as it gets! A must have for weddings or special occasions, these beauties are sure to stand out in professional pictures or during performances. If you're looking for a bold, thick lash line, where  mascara and liner are no longer needed, then this attention grabber is what you've been looking for. 

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Come in every few weeks to maintain your lashes with a touch up.




Lash Lift


The in salon treatment that leaves your lashes lifted and curled without the need for a lash curler. Instant results with very little maintenance.

Regular Touch Up

$100 / 40 lashes per eye

Our most common touch up, needed every 2-3 weeks.

Extended Touch Up

$155 / 60 lashes per eye

For clients that have exceeded the 3 weeks in between touch ups or for those who prefer a fuller lash look at all times.

Max Touch Up

$210 / 80 lashes per eye

This touch up is for clients that have lost most of their lashes or who desire extra drama for a special occasion.

Express Touch Up

$75 / 20 lashes per eye

This touch up is for minimal shedding when a client has had an appointment within the last 7-10 days.

Lash Rehab

$155 (New Client Touch Up)

This touch up is for clients that have existing extensions from another salon. Since the process of applying lashes to another artist's work is more difficult, we allow more time for any corrections that may be needed. For extensions that are damaging and improperly applied, a complete removal and new set may be necessary.

Bottom Lashes


Removal Appointment

Starting at $65

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